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Know more about food allergy
By Dr Thanis Saksirinukul
The most common food defeated symptoms found in small children is allergic to cow's milk, because small children drinks cow's milk in everyday life. When they begin grows up then get more supplementary food such as eggs, then they may allergic to eggs also. For the adolescent and adults, the allergic to seafood are found in most cases
What are the symptoms of food allergy?
Food disease can effect to every system of the body , but the most common cases found with; - Alimentary canal symptoms ( vomit , stomachache , suffer from diarrhea) - Skin (urticaria) - Breath system , (sneeze , catarrh , cough, breath uncomfortably) in some cases, patient might get severe symptoms and die.

How do you know that what kind of food that you allergic to?
Once you have noticed that there is the same symptoms happend repeatedly after meal, you should go to see a doctor and investigate, then have a check-up. The most important information for the doctor that you should remember kind of the food that you have taken, the quantity that eat, the symptoms that happens so the doctor can diagnose easily. But in the some people who are suspected that allergic various kinds foods or not sure that which kind of food that allergic to. Doctor may ask the patient taking notes of what they have eaten in detail as well as unusual symptoms that happen for better diagnose. Besides, there is a skin test to identify the kind of food that patient allergic to, which takes only 15 minute for take the skin testing. Another option is to take blood test for food allergic. However the most accurate diagnosing method is to let the patient has a meal that suspect to be the cause of allergy, if the symptoms appear from eat certain kind of food and that symptom disappears when stop eating ,as a result , that patient is allergic to such food. However, this testing step should be within close supervision of a doctor, especially in case of symptoms is severe.

What is the most effective way to cure?
The most effective way is to avoid or never eat the

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food that you allergic to. You must also avoid every kind food that participate or assemble of the nutrient that you allergic. For example, if you allergic to cow's milk, then avoid the food that have milk is the components, such as , ice cream, biscuit and eat soybean milk instead. Medication treatment should be used only to cure specific symptom that appear from time to time such as use medicine to heal urticaria symptoms, medicine to decreases catarrh etc.

Can food be permanently cured?
In some case, if patients can avoid and haven't take the food that they allergic for about 1-2 year consecutively, as a result , the allergic symptom disappear and permanently cured. However, seafood and peanut can not generally be cured. For babies who allergic to cow's milk, about 50% of them this symptom is likely be disappear when they are 1 year old , 85% when they are 3 years old , and only 15% still got the and 25 % of a child who are allergic to cow's milk , often have the symptoms that allergic to other food.

How to prevent from food allergy?
For a family who have the first child got the disease can reduce a chance for the next child to get the disease by breast-feed at least 4 month or more. Mother who breast-feed a child should also avoid the food that cause the disease such as , egg , cow's milk , seafood , and peanut nut during the breast-feeds period.
Dr Thanis Saksirinukul
Srisaket Hospital, Thailand
Website : food allergy guide
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