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Natural Allergy Treatment; Just Wishful Thinking?
By Dwain Berlin
There is a growing trend towards natural treatment for many people because of concerns over side effects from prescriptions. It seems that allergies are affecting a growing number of people each year similar to the growth rate of serious diseases like cancer, stroke and heart disease. Luckily there is an effective treatment found in a natural botanical.

This botanical reaches into numerous areas of your body and targets whatever needs the most attention, while correcting allergies as well. There are hundreds of years of folk lore and decades of scientific research behind it, and more focused research is being done every year. Some studies are focusing on one specific nutrient called the Xanthone. There are about 200 xanthones in nature, most of which are found in wood, and over 40 found in a fruit called Mangosteen. (not related to Mango)

Get Tested For Allergies

By getting an test done you'll know what to remove from your diet or what to stay away from. This is obvious but neccesary, and with a little discpline you can start your treatment. There are also a lot of allergens beyond your control so the next step is to increase your resistance.

A well prescribed treatment will eliminate discomfort, reduce the severity and maybe even go as far as eliminate your symptoms. Unfortunately, most pills just mask your symptoms and in some cases become less effective over time. If your allergies are serious and life threatening, then you should carry an Epi-Pen with you and renew it each year.

Our North American health system is the best in the world in many respects, but lacking in other areas. Many Doctors will never admit when they don't know how to help you and resort to prescriptions because of their training. If they knew of an effective natural treatment, there's no doubt they would tell you about it.

A Point To Consider

With the endless list of allergens that could cause your reaction, how effective is an pill when it's just an antihistamine? It makes more sense when an treatment is focused on helping your body heal itself. Especially when part of the treatment is anti-inflammitory to help with breathing, reduce swelling, hives and itching. It's even better when it's from a powerful natural source that has a compliment of nutrients working together.

The natural treatment I'm reffering to is found in the Mangosteen fruit. In this delicious fruit is a specific nutrient called xanthone. It's a powerful antioxidant that controls a wide range of healing functions. It's a double bonded molucule with side chains, and each side chain addresses a different health problem.

Xanthones; Natures Hero

It's important to know why a double bonded molucule is

significant, especially as an treatment. Xanthones have a skeletal structure (the double bond) and side chains. Each side chain can deliver a different treatment and when active in your body will seek and destroy viruses, fungus, parasites and other nasty intruders. It will also strenthen vital organs by helping your immune system.

A double bonded molucule is re-enforced and has lasting power, not like antioxidants that expire on first contact with a free radical for instance. Because of the backbone structure, the side chains are anywhere from 10 to 50 times more effective than nutrients found in most fruits and vegetables. What's even more amazing is how it out performs concentrated extracts like co-enzyme Q10 for instance.

Natures Powerhouse Treatment

Now that Mangosteen is becoming known in DOctors offices, those who are aware are begining to prescribe Mangosteen first and pills later if a condition persists. The number of Doctors who know about this is minimal, but you can introduce it to your Doctor and help this trend grow.

Remember when Aloe Vera first came out in the late 70's? It quickly became a household name and every mother had a plant in the house for scrapes and cuts. Today you can walk into any health food store and see six or eight brands of Aloe Vera Juice on the shelf. Aloe Vera has one xanthone, Mangosteen has 43!

Xanthones Heal

Mangosteen has been used in Asian culture for hundreds of years. It has been used for numerous health problems too long to list here, but most importantly it's a powerful treatment. The majority of xanthones in Mangosteen are found in the rind which is very bitter tasting by itself, so that may be why it didn't go commercial until just recently.

A special process is required to make the juice of the whole fruit taste good. Without including the rind in Mangosteen juice, it would not be an effective treatment.
*** Use Mangosteen To Eliminate Allergies ***

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